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zen_pathI never thought that writing a blog could be something I would enjoy; it takes time and I preferred to spend it playing with technology, reading (including other people’s blogs) and discovering new things.

When I was given the chance to promote creativity and innovation in my company, one of the first things I created was a weekly newsletter on the topic of creativity and innovation. That’s when I realized that putting the time to do the research and more importantly sharing my passion and findings on the topic was something I found truly fulfilling.

I have often tried to analyze what was so fulfilling about the process of writing the newsletter and the best thing I could think of was that it forced me to dive deeper into the topics I was exploring. The deep dive (vs. the superficial skimming) is probably what appealed to me; knowing that the ideas I was exploring were now an integral part of my psyche  (vs. a vague recollection of the topic) was what got me hooked.

One can’t be wearing a “software development hat” 24/7. On the other hand, thinking about creativity and innovation can be 24/7. After a few weeks, while reading an article or a book chapter, listening to the radio, talking to my son, mentoring employee, etc…, I kept catching myself thinking: what I just read/heard/said would be an excellent topic for my next newsletter. This heightened my awareness of every moment/experience/thought and simply made life more satisfying. Things started to gel and make more sense; it felt like I was connecting the dots or rather connecting the thoughts.

Employees leaving the firm told me that they missed the weekly newsletter and wished it was available outside the company.

And so, the idea of creating a blog to share my ideas/passions with a larger audience was born.

My goal with this blog is to lead you on a journey where you/your company will become more creative, one blog post at a time.

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