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A lot of people don’t consider themselves very creative or innovative and yet they can be excellent photographers

Now, you may ask: what does being a photographer have to do with being an innovator?

To me the thought process is the same.

You weren’t born a photographer but at some point you made a conscious choice to buy a camera, read the manual (yeah right…), take some classes (maybe), buy some books on the topic and most importantly get out there and take pictures!

When you go out with your camera, something happens in your mind: you become more sensitive to your surroundings as you constantly look for something interesting to shoot. You suddenly see things that go completely unnoticed by everyone else: the shadow cast by an old lamp post, the glorious light on a smiling child’s face, the graceful motion of a ballerina, or the intricate details of a flower. You are constantly ready to be intrigued, compelled, amused.

Those stolen moments make you richer, more curious and certainly more intellectually aware.

Being an innovator is very much the same thing!

YOU decide that from now on, you are going to be an innovator. That decision opens up a brand new world because you start seeing things differently, coming up with solutions to problems that you never thought of before, becoming aware of new opportunities because you started to pay attention, having ideas popping up in your head where you would have drawn a blank before.

Just like photography, you won’t be good at it overnight. It takes time to develop these skills and upcoming LBBs and innovation/creativity initiatives will help you hone these skills and give you a chance to apply them.

ANYBODY can become an innovator and you will become one if you decide to turn on your innovator’s mind.

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